My Photo Gallery


New Years 2001
Hrag with Santa Claus
Hrag with the Whole Family

Special Moments
Hrag Smiling
Hrag Crying
Hrag & Dad Sleeping
Hrag Complaining
Hrag in the Bathtub

Hrag with Family Members

Hrag with Khanzadian Grand Parents
Hrag with Zerounian Grand Parents
Hrag with Aunt Zvig
Hrag with Aunt Araxie
Hrag with his Cousins
Hrag with Aunt Lena
Hrag with Aunt Nora
Hrag with Aunt Maria
Hrag with cousin Lawrentz

Earlier Months
Hrag’s First Picture with Parents
The Hospital where Hrag was born

The Birth of Hrag
Birth of Hrag
Hrag 7.68 Lbs.
Hrag first picture with Mom
Hrag with Dr. Miller & Nurse

Preparing for Hrag
Hrag’s Parents ready for delivery


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